How Came About

In August of 2010, I felt the gentle whisperings of the Spirit of the Lord urge me to build a website dedicated to our Savior Jesus Christ. Therefore I immediately began building the site. The site is designed to be educational and inspirational for both Christian believers and those seeking to learn more about Jesus Christ. At, you will learn about Jesus, His life, His teachings, His miracles, and His parables. The site is a testimony of my knowledge that Jesus Christ is the Savior of the World, the only begotten son of God the Father, my Elder Brother, my Redeemer, and the author of salvation of all those who believe and follow him.

The story of how came about started in December of 2009. In the course of my work as a Web analytics and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) professional, I had done researched into what Jesus-Christ-related topics the public is looking for on the Internet. Based on the research, I developed a site information architecture for a proposed website about the Savior.  It was a deeply spiritual experience, as I felt confirmation from the Spirit of God that such a site would be pleasing unto him and draw more souls unto Jesus Christ.

The work project never got off the ground, and several months later, as I happened to reflect back on the project, is when I felt as if the Lord was commanding me to go build the site.

I hope you find the site educational and inspiring.  I hope it strengthens your faith in Jesus Christ, and fortifies your desire to following the Savior. He loves us, and wants our happiness. He suffered and died that we might live again in the presence our of Father in Heaven.  Jesus Christ and his power are real, He lives, and is intimately involved int he details of our life today.

Jimmy Smith

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