The Nativity of Jesus refers to his birth and the events surrounding the Son of God’s coming to the earth the flesh. The New Testament provides two accounts of the birth of Jesus: one in the book of Matthew and the other in the book of Luke. Re-enactments of the events around Jesus’ birth in the Nativity scene are common during Christmas celebrations.

Howard W. Hunter compared aspects of the nativity of the Savior with his final atoning sacrifice: “The loneliness of his birth was to be, in a sense, duplicated in the loneliness of his death. Foxes had holes and birds had nests, but the Son of Man had nowhere to lay his head either in his nativity or in his last hours of mortality.” (Christ, Our Passover, April 1985)

The following is a brief depiction of the nativity:

The following is a longer version of the nativity video depicting the angel Gabriel appearing to Mary, the angel announcing the birth of Jesus Christ, and the shepherds visiting the baby Jesus:

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